My Kid Is Too Special for Special Olympics

April 15, 2015 3:16 PM

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My Kid Is Too Special for Special Olympics

In addition to 22Q Deletion Syndrome, autism, immune issues, heart and mental defects, my sweet boy will die if he gets too hot or too cold. He can't regulate his body temperature at all. When he was a baby (before I knew about this condition) his fevers would always shoot right to 105, and then he would have a febrile seizure, which was his body's effort to return his temperature back to normal.

I had Caleb tested when he was 4, when I realized that he never seemed to sweat. The doctor put a combination of iodine and corn starch on all the places one would normally sweat, and then she set him under two heat lamps, with two wool blankets for 20 minutes. The iodine mixture turns black when we...

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