My Ease Into Veganese | Joanne Dagonese

August 7, 2014 9:57 PM

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My Ease Into Veganese | Joanne Dagonese

I have always been a health food buff and gained a reputation among family and friends for my "interesting" creations (aka, kitchen lab experiments). I've always joked that I am the lab rat in my own kitchen before I'd try any creation on anyone else. I would always use ingredients that I gave myself "permission" to eat at various phases of my ever-transitioning lifestyle, as I've slowly progressed towards where I am today -- 99.9 percent vegan for the past nine months. I can't say 100 percent yet, because there have been times when I've given myself permission to revert back to the pescatarian I was just after my lacto-ovo vegetarian phase.

After watching the documentary Food, Inc., I gave up meats, poultry, dairy and eggs altogether, because grass-fed and organic versions were just not allowed in my tight budget (and they still aren't). Besides that, becoming pescatarian was my last-ditch effort to keep a healthy and reasonably cost-e...

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