Music Review: The Pinkprint

January 8, 2015 4:45 AM

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Music Review: The Pinkprint

There is a prevailing and unnecessary dichotomy surrounding Nicki Minaj that has divided fans and critics into two factions: those who consider her a rapper extraordinaire and those who consider her a dance-floor diva. Many believe Minaj should stick to the hardened cuts of her mixtape days and guest features, while others applaud her penchant for poppy Top 40 fare. To me, this is reductive and altogether misses the point of what makes her so unique as an artist. Minaj is a ferociously talented rapper with the skills to market herself to the mainstream. While some of her output has tended towards the faceless and generic, The Pinkprint (mostly) rectifies this issue with a series of musically excellent tracks amplified by Minaj at her most confessional.

The Pinkprint at its best brings together rap and pop in innovative and catchy ways, defying the characterization of Minaj as belonging to either one or the other musical styles.

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