Mp3 Downloader & Audio Streamer!

October 22, 2015 6:52 AM

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Mp3 Downloader & Audio Streamer!

I used to have a free MP3 music player that was called Muxirox and my new phone didn't support it and didn't transfer my music and I was so disappointed but now I found this app and it's really good! Only reason that it got a 4 was because it does have pop ups but the rate of the downloads are really fast. I'm really happy with this app hopefully it doesn't get deleted from the App Store!

I make a lot of video edits on my phone , I usually can't add certain songs to videos because I didn't buy the song . Apparently I can download songs with This app. When I push the download button they don't appear in my music list on my iPhone ! So how do I download it ??

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