Movie Review: The Water Diviner... Russell Crowe Should Crow About

April 23, 2015 9:15 PM

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A tender, soulful Russell Crowe makes The Water Diviner work. Crowe as a farmer who has lost his wife and three sons gives a masterful performance. Russell Crowe not only stars in this epic, but has directed The Water Diviner and proves his Oscar -winning talent for best actor needs no direction. Instead of seeing New Zealand born-Australian bred Crowe flex his pecks as he did in his early days as The Gladiator we see him portray the gentle farmer, Connor, who has an uncanny gift to locate water in the driest parts of the Australian Outback. Connor is a tortured man who mourns his missing three sons who fought in the Ottoman Empire during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1914. Connor had promised his wife to bury their sons next to her and so he sets out on a journey to Turkey to find their bones and remains.

The filming of Istanbul and the Turkish countryside is spectacular as is the authenticity of the turn of the century sets and period costumes. Dark sepia tones dominate the film and create the somber mood as Connor travels from Australia to Turkey by boat, horseback and antiquated locomotive. The ac...

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