Movie Review: Top Five... Faulty, but Wonderful

December 12, 2014 8:52 PM

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I was contemplating walking out of Top Five during the first half hour, but, boy, am I glad I didn't. Top Five, directed, written and starring Chris Rock, is a slow build like a set up for one terrific joke. That single joke has to do with JFK and Marilyn Monroe. It is irreverent and Chris Rock at his finest. He is doing stand up in a club and delivers on stage with style, aplomb and like the Chris Rock most of us have grown to love and respect.

But Top Five is a bumpy ride. It is the journey of Dre or Andre who is a comedian who is tired of the mundanity in his career though he is a superstar. He is doing schlock films and has discovered that he is an alcoholic, and now is newly sober. If this is Chris Rock's story it is disguised, but who...

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