Movie review: 'Home' is a sweet, animated alien comedy for kids

March 30, 2015 12:06 PM

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Parents need to know that"Home"is based onAdam Rex's children's book"The True Meaning ofSmekday." This skillfully animated movie creates a believable world in which aliens known as TheBoov, running from their enemies, must find a new planet to inhabit ... so theytake over Earth. Human families get broken up in the forced relocationsthat follow, andTip (voiced byRihanna) is separated from her mother - which could be upsetting for small children. She teams up with Oh (Jim Parsons), the most human-friendly of TheBoov, and an adventure ensues. The invaders and theirlarge ships could be a little scary, and at one point it looks as though a main character dies (though that's not the case). There's also a little bit of rude humor, but not much in the way of strong language, inappropriately sexy stuff, or substance use.

TheBoovhave a problem. Every time their archenemies, TheGorg, find them hiding somewhere new in the universe, TheBoovhave to run away to anew host planet. And this time, their destination is Earth. The humans - including seventh grader Tip, who ends up separated from her mother - are less than thril...

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