Movie review: 'A Girl Like Her' is an uncomfortable, powerful portrayal of bullying

March 30, 2015 12:16 PM

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Parents need to know that"A Girl Like Her"is a fictionalized documentary-style film about two teen girls: a highschool sophomore who attempts suicide and the other 16-year-old who's revealed to be her bully. Unlike the actualdocumentary"Bully," which followedseveral students across the country dealing with bullying, this movie looks at things from thebully's perspective - after the victim is in the hospital. There's somestrong language (most uses of words like "bitch" and"f_k" are bleeped, but "ass," "whore," "slut," "stupid," "douche," etc. aren't) and disturbing scenes of the attempted suicide, the bullying that led to it, and the hospitalized teen. The movie is uncomfortable and upsetting to watch at times, especially during the recorded footage of the constant insults, threats, and ridiculing that convinced the victim that her life wasn't worth living. But"A Girl Like Her"also provides a much-needed way to engage tweens and teens inthinking and talking aboutthe subject of bullying (from either side) and how to stand up to it - or at least inform someone about what's going on.

"A Girl Like Her" is a fictionalized documentary about bullying at South Brookdale High School. When sophomore Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth) attempts suicide by swallowing her mother's sleeping pills and ends up comatose, the "documentarian" interviews teachers, administrators, and other students t...

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