Movie Review: The Brilliance of Mr. Turner

October 6, 2014 1:06 PM

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Movie Review: The Brilliance of Mr. Turner

Well, there I was on page 222, just where Knausgaard is travelling on a train, staring at the "burning red ball in the sky." The vision for him is so overpowering that he declares the "pleasure that suffused [him] was so sharp and came with such intensity that it was indistinguishable from pain." Knausgaard goes on to reminisce about various works of art that have had the same effect on him over the years, including "Turner's picture of the sunset over the sea off a port of antiquity" that he viewed at London's National Gallery.

This pleasure that is indistinguishable from pain permeates Mr. Turner, one of the best films to delve into the creative processes of an artistic genius in quite a long time.

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