Movie Review: I Am Road Comic

July 10, 2014 5:49 PM

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Movie Review: I Am Road Comic

It's been four years since comedian-turned-commercial-filmmaker Jordan Brady used the low-budget documentary I Am Comic to give us a glimpse of what the world of stand-up looks like from the inside. Chronicling the return to the live comedy stage by Ritch Shydner, who had settled into the more sedentary life of a writer, the movie made us privy to the pain and difficulty of performing at one-nighter gigs in rundown bars and comedy clubs, many of which had seen better days in the hallowed "comedy boom" of the 1980s to mid-90s.

Now Brady's back, with a follow-up film inspired by some of the elements of the first. I Am Road Comic dives deeper into the rough and ready "trial by fire" that awaits the comic -- wary and unwary alike -- when they venture out to play "the road".

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