Move Over Katniss, 'Wonder Woman' Can Be The Feminist Superhero Movie We Crave

November 25, 2014 3:00 PM

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After a month or so of speculation and rumors, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Warner Bros. (Time Warner Inc.) has indeed hired Michelle MacLaren to direct their upcoming Wonder Woman movie for June 23rd, 2017. The popular television director, best known for various episodes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones was intentionally left off of my “women who should direct Wonder Woman” list last month because I had only seen her Breaking Bad episodes (I never got into Game of Thrones), so of course Warner Bros. immediately hired her to make me look stupid. Anyway, now we have a big-budget Wonder Woman movie, being not just directed by a woman but developed from the ground-up by a female auteur. It would be nice to merely say that MacLaren was the best person for the job regardless of gender, but the fact that there shamefully has never been a big-budget superhero film (or really a big-budget anything in recent history) directed by a woman forces us to view this hiring in a somewhat skewed social-progress vein. The good news is that in this undue social pressure over the financial and artistic financial success of Wonder Woman lies what I would argue is the key to its success. The world doesn’t just need a Wonder Woman movie. It needs a full-on feminist Wonder Woman movie.

The opportunity for Wonder Woman lies not just in the money to be made and the merchandise to be sold, but rather in the front-and-center presentation of an out-and-out feminist superhero for a generation desperately in need of such a thing. Even as we get a few more female-centric would-be blockbus...

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