‘The Mountain and The Viper’ and a sight we won’t soon forget

June 2, 2014 2:35 PM

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Some combination of tears and vomit would be an appropriate reaction to the gruesome final scene in “The Mountain and the Viper.” On a show in which many righteous characters have met horrific and bloody ends, Oberyn Martell’s death at the hands — disgustingly, brutally, literally — of The Mountain feels the most disheartening. Oberyn was arguably the best character on season of “Game of Thrones,” someone with a proper moral compass and, let’s say, progressive social leanings. A truly modern man. A man too good for Westeros. A man whose face and brains are now splattered across the trial-by-combat ring in King’s Landing. And Oberyn came to this sick end as his killer yelled into his about-to-explode face about raping and killing his sister and her children. And this death now sets the stage for the possible death of Tyrion, the show’s one true hero. We all know “GoT” makes its reputation on nobody being safe and killing the ones we most love, but this one just felt gratuitous. (The guy dying by face-squeeze-brain-explosion felt gratuitous, but that kind of goes without saying.) And if somehow this happens to Tyrion next week, well … I guess we’ll just go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and see what happens next. We’ll never stop watching.

There were other events that transpired this week — things that won’t haunt our nightmares for weeks to come — so let’s get to those.

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