Mortdecai: Why, Johnny, why?

January 24, 2015 5:26 PM

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Mortdecai: Why, Johnny, why?

Say what you will of Johnny Depp, but he brings a quirkiness to the roles he essays and stamps them with his distinctive touch. From Edward Scissorhands through the Pirates of the Caribbean to Secret Window, Johnny has showcased his prodigious talent with the diversity of his oeuvre and infused ‘Depp-th’ even to admittedly oddball characters. It is, therefore, easy to fathom why he may have been drawn to the eponymous Mortdecai character in this film that passes for a goofy comedy.

Lord Mortdecai is a bumbling, bankrupt British aristocrat-art dealer who finds himself on the trail of a stolen Goya painting believed to have clues to a Nazi hoard. The character has dottiness written all over it, and seems tailor-made for Depp to hit it out of the ballpark with over-the-top eccent...

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