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January 22, 2015 10:00 AM

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'Mortdecai' | Boston Herald

Should the recent surge in male facial hair as a fashion accessory stall in 2015, barbers would be within their rights to blame "Mortdecai," a perky but obstinately unfunny heist caper with a hero irksome enough to make any happily mustachioed man reconsider his life choices. Directed (but, unusually, not written) by an off-form David Koepp, the film shoots for the swinging insouciance of '60s farce, but this story of a caddish art dealer enlisted by MI5 to assist in a knotty theft case is longer on frippery than quippery: There's a fatal shortage of zingers to supplement its exhausting zaniness. Only particularly dedicated devotees of Johnny Depp's latter-day strain of mugging -- here channeling Austin Powers by way of P.G. Wodehouse -- will delight in this expensive-looking oddity.

Eric Aronson's script -- his first feature-length effort since 2001's little-cherished Lance Bass starrer "On the Line" -- is based on Kyril Bonfiglioli's 1973 novel "Don't Point That Thing at Me," the first in a moderately popular comic series centered on the amoral trickster Charlie Mortdecai. Mor...

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