More 'Bourne' Is on Its Way

August 2, 2013 8:05 PM

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More 'Bourne' Is on Its Way

This doesn't come as a surprise exactly, but we're now getting official word that Universal is moving ahead with a fifth film in the Bourne series. Don't get your hopes up for a Matt Damon return, though. This is going to be an outing for Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross, whom we met last summer in the very exciting Bourne Legacy. Damon says he won't come back to the series without Paul Greengrass (that must hurt Doug Liman's feelings, don't you think?), and this is more than likely going to be another Tony Gilroy picture. So, that's too bad about Damon, but this is still good news, right? Somehow the Bourne movies have remained solid after four installments, so why would a fifth be bad? OK, OK, yes, you could say, "Well, A Good Day to Die Hard was the fifth in that otherwise solid series and it stank to the high heavens," and you would be right, but this is not that. We're dealing with an entirely different thing here. This will be good. As long as the right people are involved, we have no reason to worry. If we hear the names "Brett Ratner" or "Zack Snyder" we'll go running, but until then, we're fine. [Deadline]

Billy Bob Thornton has been cast as one of the leads in FX's upcoming, Coen Brothers-approved and produced, miniseries Fargo. He's not going to be playing the Steve Buscemi character, because this is a different story, but he'll be playing something like that character, a "rootless, manipulative man...

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