Mobile Games: Now for Parents and (Fictional) Presidents

April 7, 2015 6:20 PM

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Were I charting my personal history of video games, I'd identify the 90's and early 2000's as the "no redeeming value" era. This was back when the principal effects of video games, at least according to news specials and my religious leaders, were to rot teen brains to gelatinous mush and convert them into school shooters. In fact, said gaming climate was so hostile I had to draft a 50-point business plan, replete with pie charts and animated PowerPoint slides, to convince my then-disapproving parents that purchasing a Nintendo 64 wouldn't set me on the pixelated path to middle school delinquency. Oh, and that one time I got caught playing Tetris at my sister's baptism? I sure set video game advocacy a few steps backwards in my household that day.

These negative gaming perceptions have been shifting, though. I first saw cracks in the old "video games are depraved" worldview when my 84-year old grandma sent me an email (!) inviting me to join her Nintendo Wii bowling league. Nowadays, seemingly everyone plays them. At least, that's my mental t...

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