Mixing it up at the Metropolitan Room

September 5, 2014 3:31 PM

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Mixing it up at the Metropolitan Room

Cabaret performance is so intimate. You're practically nose to nose with the singer. There are no fuzzy barriers between you and who they are and what they deliver. The lights come up and it could be so easy to start judging...from the rhinestone to the Botox to the tattoos...the visual is the first line of acceptance. But once you're past the superficial critiques we've all been trained to throw out since film and TV lighting have given us a more illusionary view of performers, it's just what they sing and how they put across a song that counts. That's why cabaret is so great...to experience a myriad of ways to interpret music.

The great hold out in a town where so many cabaret joints have shut down, The Metropolitan Room preps for its fall season by offering tastings of what's to come. If you like a performer, you can come to their shows later in the month. At Wednesday night's show, produced by Joseph Macchia and Bernie ...

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