MIT’s Cheetah robot gets let off the leash to run and jump outdoors

September 16, 2014 9:44 PM

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Most robots are slow and lumbering–many designs even rely on internal combustion to efficiently haul around all that mass. MIT’s Cheetah robot is at the opposite end of the robotic spectrum with its slim frame and electric motor. The team behind this engineering marvel has taken a big step by making the robot work untethered–it’s now a completely self-contained running robot, and it even works on rough grassy terrain.

Previous tests of the Cheetah-bot took place in the lab on a treadmill. Additionally, the robot was hooked up to an external power source with a student nearby to keep the wires out of the way. Even at the time researchers found the Cheetah-bot was able to make its way over small obstacles without b...

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