Missteps in Resiliency (And Why They Might Be Good for You)

October 14, 2014 3:16 PM

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Missteps in Resiliency (And Why They Might Be Good for You)

I recently attended a leadership class on strategic management and resiliency. We walked through an exercise in polarity management to understand opposing and dynamic tensions. The general idea of this exercise is to list two polar concepts and identify the pros, cons, and warning signs. Resilience was one of the poles and as I started the exercise, I couldn't imagine any "cons" to resilience. Because resiliency is a good thing that we all strive for, right? That perfect (often elusive) work/life/spiritual/everything balance that we gain from it? The ability to bounce back from adversity quickly, with grace, agility and courage? You know, that thing that can be really, really hard?

So imagine my surprise as I worked through the exercise and discovered that one of the "cons" in resiliency is that often we try the same mechanisms to stay resilient, even if the situation calls for a different approach. It was an aha moment when I realized that sometimes the downside of our tried-...

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