Missing You | Eugenia Chandris

August 19, 2014 7:28 PM

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Missing You | Eugenia Chandris

The honeyed glow of the evening sun bathes the modest fields of stubbly grass and golden, baled hay. It floats over the low and dense dark-leaved citrus orchards, the beige crumbling stone walls that dissect the meadows here as the town of Chios recedes and the lush vegetation of Kampos, meaning a plain in Greek, takes over.

The sun's rays still have the power to warm me as I gaze out from my expansive balcony, my eyes skimming the horizon of undulating trees. The amplified chant of the priests wafts over the landscape. Its discordance and nasal drone, instead of grating on my senses, is actually comforting. The litany ...

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