Missing the Paraguayan Sky

September 12, 2014 6:33 PM

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Missing the Paraguayan Sky

There has never been a more beautiful sky than when I was in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, South America. For two years, I lived in an extremely rural village where there were only a few houses that had electricity. At night, the stars were electrifying. It felt like you were standing in the midst of natural glory -- gazing at what seemed like billions of glowing specs. The Milky Way was larger, more vivid and vast creating a glorified stripe through the atmosphere that seemed so close you needed to touch it. Falling stars were common and splendid. I had my own firework display each night.

I found looking at the night sky extremely comforting because I missed my family dearly. When there was a full moon, I would think that everyone in New York was also looking at the splendor of that moon. We all share the same sun, moon and stars- whether you are rich or poor, from the USA or South A...

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