Miss Piggy Has One. Marilyn Monroe Has One. Why Can't Selena Have One?

April 17, 2015 10:29 AM

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This weekend, tens of thousands of Selena mega-fans are expected to descend on Corpus Christi, Texas for Fiesta de La Flor, a music festival marking the 20th anniversary of the Tejana pop star's death. Among them will undoubtedly be hundreds of Selena look-alikes — for the weekend, at least — paying tribute to her quintessential 90s Mexican-American style: looped bangs, reinforced with hairspray, eyebrows so thick and dark as though Sharpied-on, white nail polish, and, of course, the trademark brick-red lips.

There are dozens of makeup tutorials on YouTube showing how to achieve the Selena look, just one manifestation of a cult of fandom going strong two decades after the singer was murdered at the age of 23. The official Selena Quintanilla Facebook page has 2.5 million likes. You can find people swaying...

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