Miracle? Nestle Exercise in a Bottle. Actually Exercise + Bottle

November 24, 2014 3:40 PM

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Get ready for the new gold rush of fat burning ingredients in a bottle. Why exercise, when you can drink a ‘magic’ shake? Nestle is working on what they dub the holy grail of weight loss. A fat-burning additive they can drop into foods to replicate the effects of exercising. A million couch potatoes suddenly rose up in a victory salute.

Before you toss out the treadmill, there’s a whole host of catches with this. Wait, the treadmill is being used as a quasi-wardrobe? Still, read on. At the heart of the research is AMPK, an enzyme that regulates how the body burns fat and sugar. AMPK, or 5 adenosine monophosate-activate protein kina...

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