When Minutes Matter in Nursing

January 14, 2015 10:00 PM

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On my first day of orientation in OB, I watched a delivery for the first time and was in awe. That day, I watched everything unfold as it should. The mother delivered a pink and screaming baby, which was placed immediately skin-to-skin. The patient and her family surrounded me with a surge of emotions. They laughed and took pictures, talked about the baby's hair and whose lips the baby had, and they were so overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, they cried. That day, I watched three other mothers deliver, and witnessed the same process unfold at each delivery. And it was that day, my first day of orientation, that I became hooked on the beauty of OB. But that isn't this story. It wouldn't take me long to find out that OB is not always about birth and babies. Sometimes no one is smiling, cameras are left untouched and tears fall freely from faces.

The next day I eagerly went to work, ready to take part in the magical moment of each patient's delivery. Our patient and her family were excited about the birth of their first boy. Her daughters were fascinated with the fetal monitor and the baby's heartbeat, which they said sounded like galloping ...

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