Mini human Stomachs grown in lab in U.S.

October 30, 2014 2:10 PM

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Researchers from U.S. generated functional, three-dimensional human stomach tissue to create miniature stomachs using pluripotent stem cells in a laboratory. Stomach development is strikingly similar between human and mice. A mouse gut, shown here, confirmed that the lab-grown human stomachs were growing the right way. “Pretty much everything that the mouse stomach was doing during development, our [stomach] organoids were also doing,” said researcher Jim Wells, a professor of developmental biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “And that told us we were accurately reproducing the normal stages of stomach development.”

Human pluripotent stem cells can transform into any cell type in the body. The tiny stomachs are the first grown from pluripotent human stem cells. They form complex, 3D structures. To make them, the researchers used both basic research and trial and error until they found the right chemical switche...

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