The Mindy Project Recap: Daddy Issues

February 11, 2015 8:21 AM

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The Mindy Project Recap: Daddy Issues

One of The Mindy Project’s finer qualities is its willingness to commit to life-like surprises. I’m not sure Mindy Lahiri and Co. initially planned it as a show about Mindy and Danny, but when they finally realized it was and leaned into it, the show hit a new high. Similarly, I can’t imagine they meant —even as recently as a few months ago — the show to be about the pair having a baby. But it seems like it will be now—unless we head in an extra-depressing direction for a sitcom. There’s something special about the way this all feels, as if it’s really happening, because it’s so unusual for a sitcom to keep shifting its premise. I can’t help feeling like I’m watching a real couple’s relationship unfold.

The show snatched away any doubt about last episode’s pregnancy reveal in the first scene, with Mindy testing positive 30 more times. (The only one that was negative was the popsicle stick, on which she drew a minus sign.) There have to be some sitcom-style obstacles, however, to keep things interes...

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