The Mindy Project Recap: The Colbert Bump

March 11, 2015 5:36 PM

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Stephen Colbert and his new beard join us for this episode as Father Mike, making me wish he had more time off between shows to do some acting. He’s the new priest for Danny’s parish, brought in after Danny kills the old priest, Father Francis, with his thorough and honest admission that he’d knocked up his non-Catholic girlfriend out of wedlock. After he and Mindy had sex hundreds of times, Danny tells Father Francis, “the Lord punished us with the precious gift of life. … But, hey, it proves I wasn’t using protection, right?” At this, the priest drops dead, and The Mindy Project gives us a succinct commentary on Catholicism in one scene.

Danny wants Mindy to come with him to the funeral service for Father Francis. “To church?” she says. “You killed someone so now I have to die of boredom?” She reveals that she’s not sure she wants to raise their child — a son, we now learn — Catholic. “I kind of want to raise him Jewish,” she says, ...

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