Mind-blowing NASA satellites watching us all day! Look up, you can watch them too!

March 10, 2015 12:00 PM

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The earth-observing satellites of NASA are watching us all day long! The video of the convoy roaming and zooming around our planet Earth is as thrilling as it could get. Approximately 400 miles onto the low-Earth orbit, this convoy of 18 spacecrafts are continuously capturing images and gathering data about Earth starting from its climate to its never ending oceans, the caramel-like desserts and the lush green forests. They are orbiting us every 1 ½ hour with a total of about 8 orbits in the 12 hours which elapsed in the animation.

If viewed closely, it can be seen that a majority of these flyers orbit the Earth in the north-south direction which is known as the polar orbit. This is one of the most resourceful orbits for exploring planets, moons or any such similar bodies as it facilitates the satellite to view the whole surfa...

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