MicroCon 2015: Leaders Of Self-Proclaimed Nations Meet In Southern California

April 10, 2015 8:48 PM

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While world leaders are meeting in Panama this weekend, a group of lesser-known figures are gathering for a different kind of summit in Southern California. Among the attendees, the grand duke of Westarctica and the supreme leader of Geovannia. If you've never heard of these places, well, neither had we, till we read this morning about MicroCon 2015. It's a meeting of leaders from self-proclaimed micronations. And to learn more, we're joined by Kevin Baugh. He's the conference organizer and president of the Republic of Molossia. Welcome to the program.

BAUGH: A micronation is basically a small, or fairly small, self-declared nation. Most of the time, they exist within larger nations, but otherwise, they generally have the trappings of established nations - flags and stamps and so forth like that.

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