Michael Cera's New Indie Album Is Totally Surprising, Absolutely Awesome

August 13, 2014 8:36 PM

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Heavy-set singer Cass Elliot, better known by her stage name Mama Cass of the Mama and the Papas, was said to have died from choking on a ham sandwich in her room and that part of the sandwich was actually found next to her. That’s just mean! Cass actually died of a heart attack in her sleep. A ham sandwich could have been in the room but it had nothing to do with her demise.

One of the greatest rock and roll myths of all time was that the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards abused drugs and alcohol so badly in his younger years that he paid to have a massive blood transfusion in Switzerland done in 1973 to swap out his dirty blood with a fresh new batch. Later in li...

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