Methane lakes on Saturn's cold moon Titan can sustain life, says new Azotosome theory

February 28, 2015 7:05 AM

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Long back in 1962, Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov had described an idea pertaining to survival of life in non-water based ambience. Inspired by Asimov’s concept, On February 27, 2015, James Stevenson and Paulette Clancy – specialists in analyzing chemical molecular dynamics have come up with a paper, with Jonathan Lunine, Cornell Center’s Director for the department associated with Space and Radiophysics research.

The researchers imagined a robust scientific view and explained the premise for existence of life in some harsh, cold planet – for instance, Saturn’s giant moon Titan. The ambience is that of prevalence of liquid methane, devoid of water and harboring oxygen-free cells.

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