Metaphysical Unease as a Result of Biological Disturbance | Daniel Maidman

February 25, 2015 12:15 AM

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When I saw "Beautiful Beast," at the New York Academy of Art, I hadn't written anything about art for a while. I've been a bit out of circulation lately -- my schedule has gotten to the point where I must often choose between painting and writing, and painting comes first of course. Seeing "Beautiful Beast" clarified and crystallized some thoughts which had been turning themselves over in my mind during my period of silence.

First, let me say that this show is very strong, and if you're in New York, it's worth checking out. Let's say that you, like me, are not entirely clear on how a curator makes his or her voice heard - just what exactly they do. Among other things, "Beautiful Beast" is an excellent primer in the art....

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