Mental Illness: How the Victim's Families Suffer A Similar Faith

September 2, 2014 7:27 PM

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Mental Illness: How the Victim's Families Suffer A Similar Faith

While there is no known cure for a psychological disorder, there are a few medications that can assist to subdue the illness so the victims are not at risk of hurting themselves or putting those around them or family members in great danger. But so much is focused around those afflicted with this illness or disease and what kinds of treatment can create a better healing, I want to focus here on how this inconvenience also secretly in many other ways affect the lives of their family. We already know that the entire process is a huge burden financially, emotionally or physically but what we do not know is how such illness can be occasionally misunderstood as hereditary. How such a medical history is often abused by even family members of the victim against one another when personal goals are misunderstood, raising the level of insecurity among themselves simply because they are unable to relate with one another the sacrifices and choices that must be taken for them to become everything they are meant to be.

When a regular family do not see eye to eye at dinner over personal issues and beliefs, they called it a misunderstanding, but for other folks with a psychological medical history, they misunderstand their differences so easily and see it as a symptom of the disease, unfortunately a different point ...

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