Men: Are You Controlling Your Stress, or Is It Controlling You?

February 2, 2015 9:43 PM

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Men: Are You Controlling Your Stress, or Is It Controlling You?

The stress response was designed across millions of years to turn on in an instant in response to danger. A zebra running from a tiger needs maximum power NOW. If you are on a dark street and hear sketchy footsteps, you definitely need increased focus and the power to run away or prepare for a fight. Similarly, if you are up against a deadline with the boss breathing down your neck, your stress response can be a tremendous help. It provides a rush of endorphins and enables energy and focus to shoot up. Problem solving and productivity can go up with the stress, especially when we recognize that our body is rising to the occasion. A number of studies have demonstrated that if people understand that the stress response is helpful, they perform better under pressure. (Tugend, 2014) So the next time you feel your heart racing and palms sweating as you stare down a challenge, celebrate that your entire nervous system is rising up and getting your back!

When it comes to stress, modern humans get in trouble in two ways. One is turning on the response when its not needed. Our bodies do not need full survival mode to be turned on simply because we are stuck in bad traffic or the barista messed up the order. In these cases, the stress response becomes ...

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