The Mediterranean Diet: A Healthy Addiction

September 18, 2014 2:59 PM

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As with all addictions, there is always an unspoken, secret pain hidden behind an untold truth. We seek comfort from this pain through the abuse of a substance. The vehicle often begins as a playful experiment, becomes a crutch over time and ultimately takes over our daily life with compulsions that distort reality and inevitably bring greater pain than the one it intended to avoid. This is the curse of an addiction. It lures you with the lies of an irresistible temptation that carries the promise of immediate relief as it steals your strength to break free of the binding web it spins.

Imagine the surprise when you finally realize that the addiction came in the form of a substance that provides the necessary nourishment that we all must partake daily to survive. It was, and still is, the thing that defines me as a person, man and a chef: FOOD!!! Over the years, I slowly began to u...

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