Meditation and Our Relationship With Time

December 31, 2014 7:05 PM

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Most of us have heard of meditation, but why do it? Some people do it for the health benefits, some do it for the purpose of enlightenment, some do it to attract abundance. But what is common for everyone is that it simply makes us feel better. Slowing down and taking time for ourselves helps us feel more powerful and loved. Stillness is a rare experience but it is how we stay balanced and centered. If our internal energy is bouncing all over the place, mimicking the outside world we don't feel good. We feel overly emotional and have steep spikes and drops throughout the day. The ability to slow down is available to everyone. It can feel uncomfortable at first because we are not mirroring the outside world but if we are willing to move through the discomfort, it feels more natural overtime until it actually begins to feel pleasurable to sit with our feelings. We become aware of the many different parts of a feeling we label with only one word. For example, we say I feel stress but when we slow down, we see stress is a representation of feeling tired, bored, anxious, irritated, inadequate and under-appreciated all at once.

This deepening changes our relationship with time. Everything eventually slows down to a manageable pace when we allow our relationship with this moment to matter.

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