How to Meditate During the Workday

February 6, 2015 5:28 PM

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How to Meditate During the Workday

In my recent posts ("How to Meditate Sitting in a Chair, Parts 1 and 2," "How to Meditate Standing Up," "How to Meditate Lying Down," and "How to Set Up a Meditation Practice at Home"), we have learned how to meditate while sitting, standing, and lying down, and we have learned how to schedule meditation into our daily routine. The next step is to bring meditation into our actual daily living. But please remember it's imperative that you take the time to practice meditation until you're proficient in the three basic postures of sitting, standing and lying down.

By "proficient," I mean that we must be practiced enough so that as soon as we assume proper posture, take a diaphragmatic breath, and intone "Yi-mwot-go?" on the outbreath, we quickly, if not immediately, enter into the meditative state of Great Doubt. It should feel like you can enter the meditati...

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