What It Means to be an Artist

October 28, 2014 5:47 PM

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One of my great discoveries this past summer was a debut novel by a young writer from Bangladesh, Zia Haider Rahman, called In The Light of What We Know. I adore first novels as they are often an expression of a vast reservoir of ideas, experience, thought, and discoveries which then explode onto the page ready for us to marvel at and consume. (My absolute favorite debut novel of the past 20 years is Rasero by the Mexican writer Francisco Rebolledo but that's for another blog.)

Rahman's book is a mighty tome extending to nearly 500 pages, and dealing with loss and rediscovery and the limits of our experience and understanding of love, relationships, science and war. His writing is powerful and passionate and the full scope of his ideas takes us on a great journey of discov...

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