'Masters Of Sex' Recap: Top Moments From 'Fight'

July 28, 2014 2:27 PM

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Most of “Fight” takes place on a single night, in a single hotel room, during one of Virginia and Bill’s session. The first two episodes of the season demonstrated that work-only affair between the two colleagues had been taking place in a hotel, under the assumed name of Dr. Francis Holden, but left much to the imagination. In “Fight” we not only get to see the contents of a night between these two, but also feel the atmosphere.

Besides a few short scenes, the episode is solely shot within the hotel room, with barely any interruptions. Elliot, the hotel waiter, comes in every once in a while, bringing in the suspense of having to keep up the charade of their fake personas to this outsider. The legendary 11 round boxing matc...

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