Masters of Sex Recap: Today Was a Fairy Tale

July 28, 2014 1:24 PM

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Masters of Sex Recap: Today Was a Fairy Tale

Forgetting isn't the right word, but when Virginia describes the night she and Bill have just spent together, she's leaving an awful lot out, too. The episode — this sad, sweet, and masterfully acted hour — centers around their hotel-room stay and the Yvon Durelle/Archie Moore boxing match they watch. Seriously, I never figured the Best Boxing-Centric TV Episode would be a stacked category, but Mad Men's "The Suitcase" just might have to move over.

Before we head to the hotel, we stop off in the operating room, where Bill's delivering a baby, which he discovers has adrenogenital hypoplasia, or "ambiguous genitalia." Sweetly, the mother asks the father to hold the baby while she gets a pencil to write down the name of the condition so she can t...

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