Masterpieces All: Scottish art in San Francisco

April 10, 2015 5:40 PM

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When you see a movie, book, play, or art exhibition described as "crowd-pleasing," it may seem to imply that, while the masses love the book, play, or artworks, the critics do not. Reading such reviews, you sometimes hear the sound of critical nose sniffing, as in critiques of the sculptural glasswork by the very popular Dale Chihuly, say. People who enjoy viewing his colorful pieces don't care if the critics ask, "But is it art?" Some art critics aren't all that excited about attending their 100th exhibition of French Impressionist work, either.

Take the Botticelli, for instance, The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child (circa 1490), painted in tempura and gold on canvas. The blue of the virgin's cape and the pink of her dress, as she kneels above the baby in a flowering garden, are extraordinarily vivid, as are the shadows on the block...

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