Mars Rover Opportunity Suffering From ‘Amnesia’

December 30, 2014 8:09 PM

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Mars Rover Opportunity Suffering From ‘Amnesia’

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been discovering the Martian surface for over 10 years — that is an astonishing ten years longer than the 3-month primary mission it started in January 2004. However, with its extraordinary victories, inexorable age-related issues have surfaced and mission architects are consistently tested by an undeniably upsetting spell of rover “amnesia.”

Opportunity uses two types of memory to record mission telemetry as it investigates the Meridiani Planum district. Sister wanderer Spirit, which tragically succumbed to the Martian components in 2010 after 6 years of discovering Mars, utilized the same framework. The two types of memory are known as...

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