Mars One is fake, ex-candidate alleges

March 18, 2015 12:48 AM

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Mars One is fake, ex-candidate alleges

We’ve been highly skeptical of the Mars One project that’s been promising that it will fly humans to Mars starting in 2024. Not only has the project not explained how it plans to raise the $6 billion it supposedly needs to make multiple one-way trips to Mars, but some of the finalists it’s selected for the project don’t seem to really be the kinds of people who are up to the task of being the first human explorers on the Red Planet — one finalist, for instance, actually described themselves as being an unemployed “drifter.”

Writing over at Medium, Elmo Keep has scored an interview with Dr. Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College’s School of Education in Dublin, who has a Ph.D. in physics and astrophysics and who “found himself on the group’s shortlist of 100 candidates all willing to undertake the...

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