Mars was Much Wetter 4.3 Million Years Ago

March 10, 2015 1:37 PM

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Mars was Much Wetter 4.3 Million Years Ago

NASA has revealed that Mars had over 20 million km3 (5 million mi3) of water some 4.3 billion years ago. However, scientists have predicted that this water was not evenly present on Mars. The water, according to the scientists, was actually collected in the northern hemisphere's Northern Plains where it created an ocean. This ocean covered 19% of the Martian surface and was 1.6km deep in places.

This means that the amount of water in the ocean was even more than what is present in the Atlantic Ocean on earth. Not only this, the volume of water was 6.5 times greater than that of the Martian ice caps today. Mars suffered a massive loss of water into space after it began drying up about 3.7 bi...

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