How To Be Married To A Writer | Katherine Heiny

February 24, 2015 2:24 PM

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How To Be Married To A Writer | Katherine Heiny

You hadn't imagined being married to a writer would be quite like this. Though what would you did imagine it would be like is hard to remember now. Civilized evenings discussing the classics? Moonlit strolls reciting poetry? Cocktail parties with famous authors? Cozy afternoons baking the almond bride cake from Great Expectations? Well, it's not like that, not even the part about the almond cake.

What actually happens is that your wife takes the most personal, private, sensitive details of your life and puts them in a short story for all the world to see. The particulars of your first marriage and your former girlfriends and your formative years are all grist for her writer's mill. (And she ...

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