Marilynne Robinson's Lila

October 13, 2014 6:22 PM

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Marilynne Robinson's Lila

We remember Moses [about whom she was talking in the previous sentence] saying, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself. But he also said, 'Love thy stranger as thyself.' This is not unimportant. And so I feel the humanity of Moses. . . . He's a character I put together in my mind, sure. But when people do things that are honorable and fine, it is terrible to see them slandered. And it doesn't matter if they did them 3,000 years ago, you know?

Moses appears in a Robinsonian essay, one or several in which she expresses unvarnished frustration over how inaccurately we remember the writers and thinkers she admires most --theologians like John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards who are "systematically misrepresented" so often in today's culture. Joh...

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