Marillion's Mark Kelly on F*** Everyone and Run (FEAR)

October 7, 2016 6:41 PM

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Of course, that's not necessarily news to the band's die-hard fans. Over the course of the group's storied career, Marillion hasn't really lacked for ambition. It has consistently tackled lofty subjects that many other groups won't even touch. Examples include the Middle East ("Gaza"), global warming ("Season's End", "Under the Sun"), and the price of fame ("King"). Emboldened by a remarkably passionate fan base, Marillion has consistently forged its own path, radio stations and record companies be damned.

Perhaps no Marillion record is as thematically ambitious and audacious as its most recent effort and 18th proper studio album. F*** Everyone and Run (FEAR) is a bold musical and lyrical statement about the state of the world. Broken into six songs (including three multi-part epics), the 70-minute al...

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