Marijuana Legalization Now Asking For Stricter Rules

January 6, 2015 12:20 PM

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The last news heard was marijuana got its recreational legalization, and now the cannabis is in the headlines for its tax money. Along with Colorado, it is Washington that has made the recreational marijuana legal. On the contrary, there are anti-marijuana groups, which are asking for stricter marijuana rules. There are increasing cases of children and teenagers hospitalized and being treated for accidental marijuana consumption. Although, legalization of recreational marijuana has woken up the work on the recreational center, which is being built on 60,000 square-foot land that is accessible to the public.

The government officials are pool in the tax money into the public coffers. The officials said that the tax production has been used for the new regulations of the drug from a new state agency in Colorado to oversee the industry, to additional fire and building inspectors for local governments to ma...

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