Margins and Wordless Wonder

January 8, 2015 8:22 PM

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For most of my life, I numbed, ran away, and avoided, always hiding on the margins, too afraid to confront my demons and too ashamed to reach out for the help I so desperately needed. But through all that time, I was a seeker -- longing to find a way back into a place where I didn't loathe the feel of my own skin, a place where I could simply disappear because I was "normal." I know it's ironic that I wanted to fit in, yet disappear at the same time, but I knew that unlike the soul-destroying self-exile that had governed my life for so long, this form of disappearance came hinged with a warm enveloping feeling of acceptance and communion.

My story has been one of fighting my way back from the margins of society -- one in which I never had a clear picture or understanding of what I was doing, what I was moving towards, or more accurately, what was moving through me. One of the champions of the marginalized was Thomas Merton, the Ameri...

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