'March' is a riveting graphic memoir about the civil rights movement | The Miami Herald The Miami Herald

February 16, 2015 1:07 PM

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Parents need to know that"March: Book Two"continues the historical saga and personal memoir Rep. John Lewis began in"March: Book One."This installment,as excellent as the first,follows the youngLewis as he and his allies protest segregation and other racist policies in the American South.African-American protestorsare beaten, shot at,sprayed with high-pressure hoses and attacked with dogs. A Freedom Riders bus isfirebombed, as is a church full of worshippers. Strong language is used in intense scenes.Racist thugs use the N-word in various scenes.Crowd scenes include smoking, but the Freedom Riders actively discourage the use of tobacco.

Having achieved success with the Nashville sit-in campaign, John Lewis and his fellow Freedom Riders up the stakes by traveling by bus and taking their message of nonviolent protest to the deep American South. They are met with police brutality, beatings, attacks by dogs and even murder. Their strug...

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